Frequently asked questions


  1. How do I actually receive a title report?

  2. How long does it take?

  3. What if the data I supplied is not found?

  4. How is the title report data located?

  5. Is anyone in the local municipality (il comune) in Italy advised of my request for title reports?

  6. Is is possible to be charged more than $USA 95?

  7. What is the practical use of these official documents?

  8. Can I get help interpreting the property data?

  9. If I do not find the property, do I still have to pay?

  10. If I am searching for the property held by a female, should I use her maiden name?

  11. I do not know the exact birth date of an individual. May I use an approximate date?

A: It is sent out to you via email attachment, unless specified by fax.

A: Usually it takes about two business days.

A: You will receive an email called Negative Report. If you supplied only the basic data, you can then make two more attempts at no additional cost. New data can be added to the same Negative Report form.

A: It is obtained electronically from the server of Italian Land Registry Office in Rome. They are official documents.

A: No, your request for information is not forwarded to other parties at the municipal level and thus your anonymity is maintained. In other words, the data is pulled from the central server and sent to you via email.

A: This happens rarely and is actually good news. When searching for the property of a specific individual using "Seach by Name and Location", most pay only $95 which includes up to 15 parcels of property. So if for example 20 parcels of land were found after your initial request, only with your approval would there be an additional charge. The title report containing the additional 5 parcels would be only $49. Of course, you could refuse and the maximum charge would be limited to $95. See the Price List for details

A: The title reports are used by private and professionals for some of the following reasons:
  • filing for a title change due to the death of the owner of the property
  • checking to see that you have not lost the property to squatters. 
  • finding the location of a last will and testament 
  • finding out the past historical transactions on a specific parcel of land or home
  • locating a will of the former owner.
  • determining the size and zoning of the property
  • locating individuals involved in past transactions 

A: Yes, you can receive personal service by contacting Italian Legal Language Service at   Telephone in USA (001)   415-382-6171 There may be a charge for detailed assistance.

A: Yes, but you can make up to two additional attempts if the first attempt does not produce a title report.

A: Yes. A married woman's property would be still titled in her maiden name.

A: An exact birth date date is preferred but an approximate date is acceptable. Please understand we may have difficulties locating property records if you supply a wide date ranges such as "born between 1905 -1915" since there could be more than one person with the same name in the same Province in Italy.