Italian Property and Land Title Terminology

Italian   English Equivalent
Visura   Title search
Visura per soggetto (nominativa)   Title search by name
Visura storica per immobile   Property title history
Dati della richiesta   Data requested by name & date of birth, location o
Immobili siti nel Comune di   Property found in the Municiplaity of ..
Comune di ...   Municipality of ....
Provincia di ...   Province of ..
Intestati ...   Property title holder(s)
Foglio   Folio (map number within town or area of title sea
Particella / Mappale   Parcel #
1. Pascolo
2. Seminativo
3. Bosco
4. Prato
5. Fabbricato
  Nature of the property
1. Grazing land
2. Sowable land
3. Woods
4. Meadow
5. Building
Superficie   Land area (hectares broken down as “ha, are, ca”)
Superficie catastale (m2)   Building area
Categoria   Classification of property (house, office, store)
Consistenza   Number of rooms or size within a structure
Reddito   Basis for calculating an assessor’s tax value
Dati derivanti da   Formal instrument affecting title activity, notes
Intestazione degli immobili al n.1, 2, 3
Situazione degli intestati
  Title holder(s) of record for property groupings 1
Present title holders
Fu   Son or daughter of ......
Dati anagrafici   Vital records of title holders
Codice fiscale   Italian tax I.D.
Diritti e oneri reali   Form of title in which the property is held